Trial Run

After setting the tire pressure and ensuring all bolts on the brace were tight, I ran the course at normal speed(speed limit) to get a feel for the car in its new setting. The FM brace ties the car together well and prevents more flex than any other piece I've owned. The wheels are stellar, but the tires are what really make the package. Just a hint of understeer that can easily be brought back into line with modulation, no push at speed, no plow at speed, and the rear stays firmly planted. The rear tires do rub quite a bit with the rear suspension coming up inadequate to deal with the extra rubber, and at times it feels as if all four shocks are obsolete in regards to keeping the car on the ground. In hard turns the car is really using only the tires and nothing else. Once I can rectify the tire fitment, I think this setup will be the best street and track combo.


Settings Update

Engine: N/A
Transmission: N/A
Suspension: Stock Springs and Shocks, Beatrush Front and Rear strut Bar, Flying Miata Butterfly Brace and Frame Rails
Wheels and Tires: Work XSA 15x8 +10, 205/50 Front, 225/50 Rear.
Tire Pressure: 29PSi Front, 25PSi Rear
Exterior: Garage Vary Front lip
Additions: Bride Stradia Seat, Momo Monte Carlo Steering wheel, Works Bell Quick Release Hub
Current Goal: 10:00 Min.
Overall Goal: 8:30 Min.
Current Best: 9:58 Min