Once More into the Fray

Back on the hill with an 89 240sx I helped build. Its not technically a shake down run because the car was dialed in(of sorts) before I got my hands on it. Never-the-less I will be in it for a full week and will be trying to get tune out some of the bugs as prep for the next stage of the build. The car itself is very capable, but built for the smoothest of tracks. Since 35 is almost the complete opposite of that, this current run will be interesting. First up was a 13.06. I'll see what I can do to better that.


Temp: 54 Degrees F
Weather: Clear
Road Condition: Dry
Traffic: Yes, Light
Heat: No
Inhabitants: No
Time in: 13:06.5
Time out: 12:53.5
Average Speed: 63/48 MPH
Top Speed: 89 MPH