Back in the Saddle

After whoring out the car and getting the attention of those needed it was time to return to the core of the project, live data. The first objective was reached easily, almost too easily, and many contact were made based solely on assumptions made about the car. Now its time to prove the car can do what everyone thinks it can. I designed another setup, this one closer to the original Manufacturers design and executed it on Tuesday, August 10th. The goal was simple, something that would give the driver a bit of familiarity to boost confidence and comfort while increasing the factory performance levels. The first run out was an easy ride, the car hardly being pushed at all, just a quick run to get used to the new setup. Noticeable differences were Hard Understeer at speed, slower tire response, and a slightly numb feeling in the rear. The tires were performing fine in the dry, but in the wet they had no traction, even with the tire pressure decreased to near spartan levels. The second run, started with an improvised skid pad up to 60MPH to get a feel for the tires and confirm that will squeal at the limit. The run then consisted of the same route with the driver instructed to rely solely on the suspension, and ignore the feeling of the tires, unless the road conditions were wet. The same course was run and more consistent feel was noted and a slightly faster time recorded. It feels good to be actually working again, the long wait for the end of the second and third setups is finally over and the real training can begin.


Temp: 55 Deg. F
Weather: Foggy
Road Condition: Wet
Traffic: Yes
Heat: No
Inhabitants: No
Time in: 11.44.?
Time out: 12.01.?
Average Speed: 70/50 MPH
Top Speed: 77 MPH

Settings Update

Engine: N/A
Transmission: N/A
Suspension: Stock Springs and Shocks, Beatrush Front and Rear strut Bar, Flying Miata Butterfly Brace and Frame Rails
Wheels and Tires: Enkei RPF1 14x7 +28, Tires Sumitomo HTR 200 195 FT, 205 RR
Tire Pressure: 29PSi Front, 25PSi Rear
Exterior: Garage Vary Front lip
Additions: Bride Stradia Seat, Momo Monte Carlo Steering wheel, Works Bell Quick Release Hub
Current Goal: 10:00 Min.
Overall Goal: 8:30 Min.
Current Best: 9:58 Min