T-Car Practice

I had the chance to take a completely stock version of my car for a drive around the same course while my car sits awaiting new rear shocks. The car was a bit different from mine, with a lot more chassis flex, and more of an oversteer tendency, but the overall feeling was the same and I was able to recapture the raw essence of the MX-5 chassis once again. The course never changes, just the surface feeling and the people on it and today it was rather empty, an nice surprise that prompted the pace to be quicker than normal. Soon I found myself near the limit of the stock 18/60/14 tires and enjoying every minute of it. The car felt planted, it leaned when I wanted to, and it also has an LSD, something my current car lacks. All this coupled with my experience on the course helped me go through and learn a few more things about that 13 mile stretch of road, a few things I may have overlooked in my well put together car. The run was ended quickly, I popped something in the cooling system and was forced to return home early due to overheating issues. But the lesson learned today was one I will take with me and carry on, and I wont ever forget the significance of stepping backward in time.