Back in the game

After much time was spent watching and waiting, and many nights were spent planning the next wave of attack the next project is starting to take shape. I have the time, the money, and the inclination to get started, all I need is a willing candidate. Only the right one will do. Here is the current proposal set in stages. It is not yet complete, the b rake system has yet to be designed, but it should only take a bit more research to put the finishing touches on this one. The Porsche just needs a clutch before it gets on the street and once it does, it will be the base line vehicle to to beat.

Suspension and Chassis-
Tein Flex Coilovers $1600 M3
Volk Racing TE37v 14x7.5+6 4x114.3 $1600 M3
Volk Racing Lug nuts $160 M3
Dunlop Z1 Star Spec 195/60-14 $450 M3
TC Sportline Front and Rear Strut Bar $200 Mazdatrix
Cusco Lower Arm Bar $110 RX7.com
Braided brake lines $85 Mazdatrix
Steel Frame Rails and Cross Brace $400 Flyingmiata
Power Up-
Bonez High Flow Cat-Vert $315 Rx7.com
Apex'i Dual N1 Exhaust system $1100 Hopupracing
Aluminum Drivshaft $400 Mazdatrix
Sparco Pro 2000 Carbon $2000 M3
Nagisa Auto Super Low Seat Rail $200 More-Japan.com
R-Magic Shift Knob $75 R-Magic.jp.com/japan-parts.com
JoyFast GT400 Shift Extender $90 rev9autosport
KG Works Type D Starter $215 rev9autosport
Momo Monte Carlo Steering Wheel ---
Ferrari Horn Button $50 Ebay
B Titanium Steering Wheel Bolts $125 rev9autosprort
Works Bell Quick Release $305 M3
Works Bell Lock $130 M3
Works Bell Short Boss $200 M3
Momo Steering Wheel Hub $60 M3
JoyFast Short Radio Antenna $80 rev9autosport
RE-A Type Side Skirts $300 Shine Auto Project
RE-A GT Type Rear Diffuser $350 Shine Auto Project
Corksport Type CS Front Lip $130 Corksport
Fiber Glass +20mm fenders $260 Maxdatrix
J-Spec Flash to pass lights $220 Corksport
J-Spec GT-R Badge $11x2 Corksport
PIAA 580 Series Fog Light $300 autoaccessoriesgarage.com

Second stage tuning to be added=
Weight reduction of the interior
Simplified Engine and vehicle wiring harness
(*)LED Exterior and Interior lighting $??? Autoillumination
Removal of PWR STR (if applicable)
Removal of A/C Sytstem (if applicable)
Removal of Sun Roof Mechanism (if applicable)
De-Powering Steering rack (if applicable)
(*)Fluid Flush and replace
Dual Alternator Belt Pulley $56 Mazdatrix
Underdrive Pulley $82 Mazdatrix
Water Pump Under Drive Pulley $75 Mazdatrix
(*)Belt $???x2 Kragen
New fan Clutch $230 Mazdatrix
Aluminum Oil Pan $350 Pineappleracing.com
Oil Pan Gasket $31.00 Mazdatrix
Braided Oilcooler Line Kit $215 Maxdatrix
Braided Clutch Line $25 Banzai-racing.com
(*)HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer $160 M3
Apex PFC 86-88 Jumper Kit $315 banzai-racing.com
FC Poly Trans Mounts $45 Banzai-racing.com
FC Poly Engine Mounts $125 Banzai-Racing.com
Apex PFC 1993-1995 RX7 $1100 M3
S4 NA Block off plate kit $30 Banzai-racing.com
Emissions removal including Air Pump
S4 Manual Trans Cross Member $95 Mazdatrix
S4 4.875 Final Drive $950 Mazdatrix
S4 Turbo Throttle Body $200 RX7Club
S3 Turbo Secondary Injectors $200x2 Mazdatrix
(***)S6 1993 RX7 FD torsen Differential $300 RX7Club.com
S5 GXL or GTUs Transmission $300 RX7Club.com
S5 Short Shifter $192 Mazdatrix
(*)APR Custom Front Splitter $375+ aprperformance.com
13B 6 Port Header $287 Mazdatrix
Corksport Radiator panel $60 Corksport
Corksport Fanshroud for bigger radiator $80 Corksport
Samco radiator hose kit $115 Corksport
Koyo Radiator w/rad cap $300 M3/Racing Lab
(***)Aluminum Flywheel, 12 pounds $535 Mazdatrix
(***)Exedy Stage 1 Clutch $260 Mazdatrix
(*)RE-A Type Areo Mirrors $??? FD Newbie
R-Magic Areo FC Hood $1200 FD Newbie
CAS Cover $12 Mazdatrix"
Magnecor Plug Wires $60 Mazdatrix
(*)Rear Wheel Camber Adjusters $140x2 Mazdatrix
(*)Rear Subframe Camber Adjustment $140 Mazdatrix
(*)Urethane Suspension Bushing set $155 Mazdatrix
(*)Rear Swing arm and "Rear Steer" eliminator Bushings $170 Mazdatrix
(*)Rear Subframe Bushings $120 Mazdatrix
Auto Power race Roll Bar $600 Foriegn Auto Tech Millbrae
Willans Harness 4 Pt. 3" harness $300 M3
Braille Carbon Fiber Battery, 6.5 pounds $200 M3/Tirerack
(*)Retune @ Tech3 San Jose

Power Up-
Water Pump $100 Mazdatrix
High pressure Oil pressure sending unit $110 Mazdatrix
Oil Pressure Sending unit $70 Mazdatrix
Pulsation Damper + Seals $160 Mazdatrix
Fuel Pressure Regulator $160 Mazdatrix
Throttle Cable $35 Mazdatrix
Fuel Injector Air Bleeds $50x4 Mazdatrix
Vacuum Hose Spider + Hose $100 Mazdatrix
Air Control Valve $400 Mazdatrix
Turbo Fuel Pump Assembly $340 Mazdatrix
Fuel Level Sending Unit $100 Mazdatrix
Spark Plugs $10x4 Mazdatrix
88 Turbo Rotor Housings $600x2 Mazdatrix
Water bypass plug $5x2 Mazdatrix
Competition Rotor Bearing #140x2 Mazdatrix
RX8 E Shaft $200 Mazdatrix
RX8 Stationary Gears $140x2 Mazdatrix
Stationary gear bearing $35x2 Mazdatrix
Engine Stud Kit $550 Mazdatrix
Non-Turbo 4.5lb Flywheel $550 Mazdatrix
Non-Turbo Clutch for 4.5 Flywheel $1000 Mazdatrix
Balanced RX8 Rotor and Counterweight set $2200 Mazdatrix
Aluminum Housings $1800x3 Mazdatrix
Street porting housings $500 Mazdatrix
Balancing Assembly $300 Mazdatrix
Titanium Bolt replacement $1500
Cahssis Seam Welding $1000
Body Repaint $3000

These will be checked off one by one as this develops and each stage will be completed and cataloged before moving to the next. The current goal is the same as the previous, run 8 minutes and 35 seconds on Hwy 35 South through Woodside, though after some other data acquisition not previously entered I believe that this can be achieved easier than I assumed previously and I also think a well tuned Miata can run the course much faster than 8:30. I am to achieve both. And then the final tuning stage with a built MR-S will begin.