Settings Update

Engine: N/A
Transmission: N/A
Suspension: Stock Springs and Shocks, Beatrush Front and Rear strut Bar, Flying Miata Butterfly Brace and Frame Rails
Wheels and Tires: Enkei RPF1 14x7 +28, Tires Sumitomo HTR 200 195 FT, 205 RR
Tire Pressure: 24PSi Front, 20PSi Rear
Exterior: Garage Vary Front lip
Additions: Bride Stradia Seat, Momo Monte Carlo Steering wheel, Works Bell Quick Release Hub, Braille Carbon Fibre 6.5 Battery
Current Goal: 10:00 Min.
Overall Goal: 8:30 Min.
Current Best: 9:58 Min



Will the summer of fog ever end?


Temp: 55 Deg. F
Weather: Foggy
Road Condition: Wet
Traffic: Yes
Heat: No
Inhabitants: No
Time in: 11.22.6
Time out: 12.35.2
Average Speed: 70/50 MPH*
Top Speed: 77 MPH*