Temp: 48 Degrees F
Weather: Dry
Road Condition: Dry
Traffic: Yes
Heat: No
Inhabitants: Yes
Time in: 11:09.5
Time out: 11:15.0
Average Speed: 60/49 MPH
Top Speed: 96 MPH



Temp: 48 Degrees F
Weather: Mostly Wet, Strong Wind
Road Condition: Varied, Heavy Debris
Traffic: No
Heat: No
Inhabitants: No
Time in: 13:28.7
Time out: 12:42.0
Average Speed: ??/?? MPH
Top Speed: 96 MPH

Settings Update

Engine: N/A
Transmission: Stock 4.10 Rear no LSD
Suspension: Stock Springs and Shocks
Wheels and Tires: Stock Mazda Enkei Wheels 14x6, Falken Azenis 615 195/60-14
Tire Pressure: 33PSi Front, 27PSi Rear
Exterior: None
Additions: None
Current Goal: 10:00 Min.
Overall Goal: 8:30 Min.
Current Best: 9:58 Min